• Image of Bonnie Montgomery CD

The Bonnie Montgomery full length album is finally here!

1. Black county
2. Nashville
3. Diamond
4. Take me or leave me
5. Daddy's
6. Cropdust Skies
7. Lost at sea
8. Joy
9. Blood from a turnip
10. But I won't

(vinyl coming soon!!!)

"Bonnie Montgomery opens with the new song “Black County,” a purposeful Americana track with lightning-crack guitar stabs, with Montgomery confessing, “Should’ve stayed in Black County and married my John. Would’ve been better off never leaving the farm. But the wild world was calling, so I said that I’d go. So, I left old Black County just to search for my soul.” Replace Black County with White County, and the opener takes on some sort of autobiographical telling.

“Diamond” is another song employing reverb-heavy guitar, but a tender rhythm with Piazza punctuating the song with melting steel guitar. “Blood from a Turnip” is a return to benevolent Americana and a tale of a compassionate soul who learns from a hard-luck life: “They all said that her momma died too early, and her daddy, they say, that he’s in jail.” Album closer “But I Won’t” is one more shot of Montgomery and band’s hot-shot rockabilly country music.

But “Take Me or Leave Me” is the most fully realized of the album’s new songs. What starts as an ominous folk tune transitions into a country rock ’n’ roller, a remarkable song that shows the depth of Montgomery as a songwriter, singer and musician, as well as the talent of her backing musicians. “Take Me or Leave Me” is a powerful symbol of what Montgomery offers with her music and her voice. The track leaves one wanting more, as does the rest of Bonnie Montgomery. And the album proves Montgomery is well worth the wait."

- Sync Weekly